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How Do You Keep Your Headphones from Falling Out While Running?

Wearing headphones, earbuds, or headsets while we are doing our daily activities is not wrong at all. There is no one who can blame us for doing what we like while we listen to our favorite tracks. If you’re one of us, then you must be familiar with your headphones while jogging, biking, commuting, strolling, cooking, or other activities.
You might have also faced making your earbuds fall out.
Some activities are not really friendly to your headphones so that they can fall out easily if you don’t treat them well.
But it does not mean you can not work the way around to prevent this from happening. You can stop your headphones from falling out while running. Without further ado, let us share with you different tricks you can do to stop your earbuds from falling out while running.

Here 6 ways to keep your headphones from falling out while you are running:

1. Wear your headphones the right way

I mean, there is no reason you should neglect the manual book which tells you how to wear the headphones correctly. Most people will wear headphones in a common way. That is by wearing the tool directly on your ears.

But it might not work since some models do not provide good tightness, so they could look sloppy to some wearers.

We often see an inconvenient problem with wired headphones. The longer the cord which connects to the media source, the more possibility that it can happen to you. If you are trying to conceal the cord of the headphones under your clothes, it will likely add more pressure to your headphones so that this force will pull the cord and headset out of your ears, causing them to fall off.

If the cord is too long, you could loop the cord around the ear or neck, then make your headphones tighter around your ears. The key here is not to give any pressure on your headset. Cord tension is something that you’ll want to eliminate.

You must also pay attention to the design of the headset. If you don’t like the pressure of the cable, you could opt for wireless headphones instead. That is a no-brainer solution to your issue.

2. Choose models that come with ear hooks

earbuds models that come with ear hooks |  How Do You Keep Your Headphones from Falling Out While Running?

Selecting the right headphones for you is also the key to your comfortable experience when listening to music. If you are an active person, you will want to keep your earbuds from falling out when running, walking, jogging, or doing any other activities.

You could simply choose the models which will support you all the time. One of the best candidates that you can get from the marketplace is the one with ear hooks.

The addition of the hooks can help you to secure the earbud models to your ears without needing to choose a smaller size of the device.

Some models do not come with earbud hooks, but you can modify your existing headphones by adding the hooks.

When you are looking for hooks on the market, make sure to pick the right size for your ears. If you have smaller ears, you will need to purchase smaller hooks that fit your ears. After picking the right one, you just need to attach it to the set of headphones.

3. Liquid or sweatproof headphones

Liquid or sweatproof headphones

Did you know that some headphones models can get really slippery when in touch with your sweat? Although you just strolled around the nearby park, it was enough to make you sweat. When they are wet, they are likely to slip out of your ears. Headphones are usually better for protection. But some smaller headphones can fall out easily if the sweat is abundant.

So, how to handle this?

Well, if you are an active person, or if you sweat a lot, consider investing in headsets that are waterproof or sweat-proof.

4. Use the wireless headphones

A trip over the cable is a common mistake made by headphone users. Some headsets come with a crazy long cord so that you will need to tie it up before going out there. The risks of catching your headphone cord can be higher when you run, exercise, or do any other activity out there. These cables will hinder your activities. And to a worse extent, it will make your head fall out.

You can actually solve this problem for good at once. Ditch your corded headsets, and replace them with wireless models.

Wireless headphones usually require a Bluetooth connection to operate. Since there is no cable involved in the model, you can feel free to move without worrying about hitting the cable.

Not to mention that the wireless headset won’t have a cord which gives them pressure. You also don’t need to conceal anything under your clothes. All you need to do is to connect your wireless headphones with your smartphone, PC, laptop, or other devices through a Bluetooth connection and you’ve got access directly.

You no longer need to worry about accidentally pulling the headset cable out. There is no tangled cable anymore. Therefore, you can use wireless headphones so that you can focus on your particular activities without any hassle or fuss.

5. Using the cord clamp

Using cord clamp while running

Another trick to try is to use a functional cord clamp. You could use a standard clamp on your earbud cord.

Use the clamp and attach it to your shirt to minimize the cord pressure, which is the main issue that makes the headphones fall off. When choosing a clamp, focus on strong but not sharp. The last thing you want is for the cord to break because of the sharp edges of the clamp.

6. Wearing ear warmers or earmuffs

Wearing ear warmers or earmuffs

You could use a beanie, bandana, or ear warmer to make the earbuds snug to your ears. Or, you could use earmuffs. Both of them are great hacks since these models will keep your headset cords from being pulled easily.

If you have a classic design for the ear warmer, then it will be great. You could check out the designs of the ear warmers. Pick the most comfortable one.

There you have them. What trick works for you? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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