How do you mint NFT for free?

Since the mid-2020s, the NFT has been rising in popularity, and there is nothing boring about it.

It is quite easy to get the NFT from the top marketplace of your choice. But do you know how to mint or create them?

Creating your own personal NFT could be complex and expensive since you need to pay for the gas fees when using the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains to provide the technology for your contract. But in the silver lining, you can rest assured since it does not require a set of coding skills to mint the NFT.

It is easy to mint the NFT as long as you have landed in the right place to do it. There are a lot of platforms that you can use to mint the NFT for the right price. But if you want to mint your own NFT for free, it is a different thing. It is required to conduct thorough research to proceed.

As you have chosen the right marketplace for your NFT products, you can rest assured that minting your NFT is basically free. You can create the token as soon as you join the site.

But there’s a takeaway. The creation of the product is free, but the sale is not. You will be required to pay the fee in Ethereum for every NFT you manage to sell.

In OpenSea, you can manage your NFT.

For instance, OpenSea is one of the best digital marketplaces which allows sellers to offer their NFT products for free. But again, the sales are not free. The site offers you the opportunity to sell your products in bundles with other sellers so that you don’t have to withstand the competition alone. Not to mention that you can also collaborate with other artists to broaden your reach to particular audiences across the globe.

OpenSea is a great option since it comes with an easy and user-friendly interface. It won’t take a long time until you get used to its system.

To create your NFT, you will need to register an account first on the official site of OpenSea at On the registration page, you will be asked to enter your Metamask wallet. You could use other wallets. But it is more feasible and convenient to use Metamask instead.

To add a particular token, you will need to create a collection by hitting the command Create. Agree with the TOS and proceed with your Metamask confirmation. It is free to register an account. In no time, you will have your free account ready to trade in the market. The next thing to do is to add the collection logo, name, as well as description.

Once you’ve created the collection, you can add items that you want to tokenize. Simply click “Add new item” and proceed with your action in the Metamask pop-up window. That’s it! You will be able to add art pieces that you want to sell to the market. Consider checking the acceptable formats first before uploading any files there. The maximum size is 100 MB. You will also need to create a name for your own token to differentiate your product from the others.

You can also decide the number of tokens distributed there. The default number of copies can narrow down the enthusiasts of your NFT products.

After setting everything, you could click “Create“. Congratulations! Your token has been created.

You can sell it if you like.

The sales on the OpenSea website are done in an auction format. The selling process could be a bit tricky to do. So, you will need to check out the full guides for the selling process.

You can actually choose the way you want to sell your art. After setting everything, you could proceed by clicking “Post Your Listing”.


The Rarible platform’s NFT creation process is similar to that of the OpenSea platform. Despite the similarity, the function of Rarible still has some room for improvement. It has the lower limit sizes of the artwork that you can tokenize. So, if your artwork file is much bigger, you can consider using OpenSea instead. Rarible has such good traffic on a monthly basis. It has huge audiences who are fond of the digital arts and willing to spend a lot of money for the values they want to get. You can also consider adding your artwork to this site to open wider opportunities on such a huge platform.

Creating the NFT item in Rarible is quite easy and straightforward.

You could just visit its official site and click the “create” button. Next, you can choose if you want to create a single NFT or multiple NFTs. You could choose MMultiple if you plan to upload a series of artworks of yours to be tokenized on the platform. If you only have a single piece of art or want to try the platform, you could choose the Single one.

Go to the Creation page. Then upload your artwork in the accepted formats. Make sure to check the range of formats first before proceeding. Each artwork should load in less than 30MB.

Set the instant prices for your NFT. Rare Rarible charges a 2.5% fee for every NFT item sold to the buyers.

You can also add a secret item that could be a special offer or bonus to redeem after the NFT is sold. The item could be a link, code, or key. Choose the collection type that is either RARI or ERC-721.

On the particular page, you will also be able to set the name of the NFT, description, royalty rate, properties, and so on. Make sure to learn everything before proceeding.

After you are ready, you can click the “Create” button. Then you need to connect to the wallet.

Metamask is by far the most viable option as a safe wallet. After finishing the connection with the wallet, you will then just need to agree to the TOS and push Create again to proceed with the NFT item creation process.

Token creation is offered. Then you just need to approve it to mint the token.

When you are ready to release your NFT to the market, you can sign the sell order.

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