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How to charge Mi earbuds

Having Mi earbuds is undoubtedly a great experience for smartphone users especially for those who’re seeking a wireless experience. However, these wireless headphones are slightly different from wired ones. The major difference is that these earbuds have an independent power source from the battery installed in each unit. You’d need to charge them whenever the battery power runs out.

Of course, there are different Mi earbuds products but you don’t have to worry because they’re generally user-friendly. What you need to do is follow simple steps to charge your Mi earbud. It should be noted that both the right and left earbuds need to be fully charged before you can start using them. Most recent Mi earbuds like Redmi AirDots S come with a charging box that enables you to deck the earbuds in it instead of using the conventional charger directly.

1. Dock Your Earbuds

For Mi Earbuds with a charging box, you’d need to properly place them inside it. You should have known that it features automatic charging, so as long as it’s connected to the power sources, your earbuds would be automatically charged when plugged in. It may take somewhere between 30-40 minutes to fully charge the Mi Earbuds.

2. Connect USB Charging Cable

After docking your earbuds, you need to plug in the USB charging cable to power up the charging box. Before leaving, ensure that they’re properly connected by checking the indicator state. When you’re charging Mi Earbuds, you’re not only charging the headset but also the charging box.

3. Follow The Indicators

As for the charging box, the steady red indicator light means that it’s not fully charged. You’d find the indicator light off when it’s fully charged but the earbuds have their own charging indicator. The earbuds have a red light that would be long-on when you’re docking and charging them in the charging box. Once the earbuds have been fully charged, you’d notice the light indicator turns white for one minute and then off. Therefore, if you find both the charging box and earbuds have their indicator lights off while the USB charging cable is still plugged, it means they’re fully charged and you’re ready to go.

While Mi Earbuds comes with auto-off full charging, it’s better if you unplug the USB charging cable when they’ve been fully charged.

Frequently Asked Questions about Charging Mi Earbuds

Even though charging Mi Earbuds isn’t difficult, there might still be questions crossing your mind. Let’s get through these frequently asked questions about how to charge Mi Earbuds below.

What devices do Mi earbuds support?

Wireless Mi earphones are compatible with most mobile devices and desktop PCs as long as they have Bluetooth compatibility. Whether it’s an Android smartphone or tablet, iOS, or Windows laptop or PC, you can pair it with a Mi earphone and you’re ready to go. Unlike wired earphones, Mi wireless earbuds are battery-powered so you’d need to recharge them when the power is low.

How Can I Charge My Earbuds?

Most Mi wireless earbuds come with a charging case where you can dock, store, and charge the earphones. This charging box would automatically charge your earbuds as you’d docked your Mi earbuds in it. The full charging usually takes up to 30 minutes but can be faster if there’s still more battery power left

How Can I Charge The Charging Box/case?

The charging box or case that comes along but Mi wireless earbuds works like a portable power source or simply a power bank for your earphone. You’d need to charge the charging case by connecting it to the power source with a USB charging cable. Once connected, the red light would blink or stay on that indicates that it’s being charged. The case can be fully charged within one hour where you also notice the red light turns into white light.  

How Can I Check The Battery Level on Mi Earbuds and the charging dock?

You can check the battery level of Mi wireless earbuds on your phone or device once they are paired via Bluetooth. The battery level typically appears on the status bar of the paired smartphone.  It’s also possible to check the battery level of the charging box even though it’s different from checking the earbuds’ battery level.

As for checking the charging box, you’d need to press the function button when the top cover is closed. Alternatively, you can simply remove the top cover or lid of the charging case. It enables you to notice the charging box’s indicator light that would stay lit for five seconds if the battery level is normal or adequate. However, if you notice the charging box’s indicator light is blinking instead of lit for five seconds, it means that the battery level is low and you need to recharge it as soon as possible.  

How Do I Know My Mi Wireless Earbuds are Charging?

Once docked in the charging box, you should see the red light lit that indicates the earbuds are being charged. You’d see the red light turn white for up to one minute when the battery has been fully charged.

If you’re not seeing these indicators, then your Mi earbuds might not be properly charged or connected to the charging box.  Undock your earbuds and dock them again into the charging box until the indicator light is on. If you still find the indicator light is not lit up, you better check the battery level of the charging box, it might run out of power. If that’s the case, you can connect the charging box with the USB C charging cable to charge it along with the docked earbuds.

That’s why don’t leave the charging spot so quickly, ensure that the indicator light is on. When you come back to the same spot and find the light turns white or off, you’re ready to use your earbuds.

Generally speaking, the presence of the versatile charging box gives you more flexibility in powering up and using your Mi wireless earbuds.  It enables you to charge your earbuds when traveling without necessarily finding another power source. That’s why Mi calls their earbuds a truly wireless experience as you can even charge them wirelessly. Therefore, you better ensure that you keep the charging box fully charged before taking out your Mi earbuds with you for daily activities or routines. 

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