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How to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to LG tv

If you have an LG TV, Bluetooth wireless headphones are certainly a great alternative to a complete set of home theaters. It’s not only convenient, but wireless headphones are cost-effective and silent operation so you can set the volume level you desire when watching your favorite movie without bothering your neighbors.

Even though LG TV can be paired with most speakers and Bluetooth wireless headphones, it could be slightly tricky for first-timers. However, you won’t likely face troubles with connecting your Bluetooth wireless headphones to LG TV if you follow the correct steps. It’s not actually difficult but you better pay attention to the right method that we’ve resumed below.

These are the 5 easy steps on how to connect your Bluetooth wireless headphones to your LG tv:

1. Find the Bluetooth Audio Option

Regardless of the LG TV model you have, it would have a Bluetooth setting menu if it supports one. What you need to do is to find the Bluetooth settings which are typically located in the sound output option.  You can access the quick settings menu and find the option among those icons in the list. Once you’ve found the audio options, simply choose the Bluetooth option whenever available.

If you can’t find a Bluetooth option, there is a possibility that your LG TV is the older model that doesn’t support this wireless connection. In such cases, you’d need a dedicated Bluetooth adapter for your TV that enables Bluetooth connection between your headphones and the TV. There are some products available in the market but you need to ensure they are compatible with your LG TV model. If you use an extended Bluetooth adapter, pairing steps would be slightly different.

2. Turn on Bluetooth Device

As you’ve entered the Bluetooth settings, you need to turn the LG TV’s Bluetooth device on so it can find and detect your headphones’ Bluetooth. Ensure that you power up your Bluetooth headphones so they can be found by the TV.  

If you can’t find your Bluetooth headphones, then try to reboot your TV and the Bluetooth device. Do the same thing with your headphones, turn them off and then turn them on again. Give them a 10-second interval before rebooting the Bluetooth devices. Once you’ve found the Bluetooth headphones on the interface, then you can move to the next steps.

3. Pairing the Devices

The LG TV’s Bluetooth settings menu would appear on the screen if you’ve never paired the Bluetooth devices yet. You need to set the device to the pairing mode so it can automatically search for and detect the available Bluetooth devices including your wireless headphones.

There might be different Bluetooth Devices appearing in the interface. If you hardly find your Bluetooth headphones’ names, they might appear as codes or other names that are not related to their model or brand. Don’t do trial and error but read the user’s manual of the headphones to check the Bluetooth name that should appear when searched.

If you can’t locate the device, then please perform the troubleshoots we’ve mentioned in point 2. Reboot your Bluetooth devices and see how it’s going.

4. Select Your Bluetooth Headphone

As the LG TV has successfully found and listed your Bluetooth headphones on the paired device menu, then you can simply select and click “OK’ on its name. Confirm your action so the LG TV would switch to your Bluetooth headphones as the active audio output. Once you’ve reached this point, the pairing has finished but it’s the end.

After pairing, don’t use your headphones yet. Ensure you turn the default volume down into the lowest level so it won’t shock and damage your hearing. You can play a test video or audio on the TV and increase the volume incrementally until you reach the ideal level.

5. Enjoy Your Wireless Audio Experience

Once it’s successfully connected to your LG TV,  your headphones would be the primary audio output. You can have the same audio output whether you’re in the lounge or going to the kitchen for snacks as long as it’s within Bluetooth’s range.  You can safely use the Bluetooth audio with proper volume setting and being aware of your surrounding environment.

At this point, you can enjoy movies, series, or music videos with your Bluetooth headphones. You can even take a pilates or yoga session more flexibly in front of your TV with these wireless audio devices. The overall experience would then depend on the quality of headphones you’re using.

Unpairing Your Bluetooth Headphones

There would be times where you want to use the speakers again. To return the primary speakers or home theatre, you need to unpair your Bluetooth headphones for sure. You’d also need to charge the Bluetooth headphones when the battery power has run out and you shouldn’t charge it in an on and paired condition. It’s really easy to unpair the Bluetooth devices but there’s no instant way to do it.

Of course, you wouldn’t have to unpair the headphones if you want to continue sessions next time. However, in case you want to unpair them, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bluetooth option and locate the list of paired devices on the interface. Find your Bluetooth headphones in the list and select the icon “dustbin” or garbage can that appears next to its name. Once confirmed, your LG TV would then unpair your Bluetooth headphones and remove them from the paired device list.
  2. The LG TV would ask you to confirm the unpairing action towards your Bluetooth headphones. The device won’t be unpaired unless you confirm by selecting “Yes”.  
  3. The LG TV would turn into the built-in speakers or peripheral audio systems as the default primary audio output as soon as you’ve unpaired your Bluetooth headphones.
  4. If you wish to reconnect the Bluetooth headphones after unpairing, you’d have to start over the pairing procedure from the beginning.

LG TV comes in different models which each model, especially the newer ones, may have slightly different procedures of pairing and unpairing. Some Smart TVs may have a more straightforward way to pair Bluetooth audio devices. However, with our guides below, you’d have the general steps and ideas about pairing your Bluetooth headphones with most LG TVs. 

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