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How to Hide Headphones at Work

Are you working from 9-5? or, are you a part-timer? No matter what your job is, you will want to enjoy yourself when you do. Working while listening to music can be an excellent way to improve your productivity. Some mates are doing this to concentrate on their tasks. Meanwhile, some of them want to kill boredom by listening to their favorite music. You might be one of them.

But not all the people at work are cool with what you do. So, it is more sensible to hide your headphones at work.

In some cases, you can make it work by simply putting an earbud into the ear facing away from your boss and concealing it with your hoodie or hair. You could also hide it behind your long hair. But this method does not work for all folks.

Some workplaces ban the use of earbuds or headsets so that you will not be able to use the particular devices until you get time off.

If you are willing to do what it takes to get the headset on, then you could proceed to read the tips that I’d like to share with you on how to hide your headphones at work.

Below are 9 ways to hide your headphones at work

1. Conceal it with your hair

One of the simplest ways to hide your headset is by using your hair. However, it will only work for people with long hair.

You just need to pick a headset or earbuds that have a color that matches your hair. And then, you just need to hide the earbuds with your hair. Consider choosing the smaller-sized earbuds so that it will be easier to hide them from your boss and your office acquaintances.

2. Use large clothes

You will have a lot of advantages when using loose clothing. More oversized clothes will provide more room for hiding the wires from your phone and the headsets.

If you don’t have it yet, you could start by investing in some looser sweatshirts. Place the headphones in your pockets while running the wires inside the shirt and end them at your ears. It will only work if your office allows you to wear a casual dress. However, some offices only allow employees to wear formal outfits. When it does, this method might not work for you.

3. Wear a hat or bean hat

You could consider wearing bucket hats or bean fat which can fall over your ears. In this case, you can conceal your medium to small-sized headsets from your superiors or workmates. But again, not all offices allow you to wear hats for any reason. Bean hats are not categorized as hats in some areas. You could still try your luck by wearing the beanies. Well, they are beanies, not hats. All you need to do is to pull your beanies over your ears to cover the headsets.

4. Stay still

Let’s assume that you’ve concealed your headsets successfully. What to do next is to stay still while listening to the music. You don’t want to move around so that it could attract the attention of other people. If you make some moves, your superiors or workmates will look at you and question whether you are doing something weird.

5. If you can’t hide the cable, use a Bluetooth device.

The cable is often visible, although you have concealed it under your shirt. The problem arises when you need to set and reset the cable position. Well, it is also not convenient to hide your cable under your shirt. If you have sensitive skin, it will also cause allergic or other inconvenient reactions.

You could instead use a Bluetooth device. The good thing about the Bluetooth device is that you can use it without crumbling from the cable. There are no complex issues that you need to suffer from anymore. You just need to turn on your Bluetooth headset, pair it with your smartphone or PC, and then play your favorite songs without being distracted by the cable.

6. Earmuffs can help

If you are using earbuds, you could also cover them with earmuffs. In some offices, certain conditions force workers to wear earmuffs to protect their ears. For instance, people often wear earmuffs in construction jobs, kitchens, manufacturing buildings, etc. But earmuffs can also be used in cold conditions. If you are working in an environment that allows you to wear earmuffs, you can leverage this situation by wearing them and concealing your earbuds for good.

7. Be vigilant.

Hiding your earbuds does not come without risks. It might not be enough. You must act normal and pretend that you are not listening to any music track in some situations. It is a great idea to stay still and look serious when working. I don’t know about the conditions in the office. But many people don’t like to see their teammates playing around unless their superiors allow them to do so. In some startup companies or enterprises, their workers are free to do anything they want as long as they don’t disturb others. If you have a friendly working environment like that, then it will be great for you.

8. Wear headbands

Headbands are not only one of the stylish and sporty fashion statements. If your office allows you to wear more casual clothing, you could add a headband to make you all set. You can use it to cover your earbuds.

Consider picking a color that can match your hair color. The colors shouldn’t be flashy, and they should remain discrete. Keep in mind to pull them down to hide your headset perfectly.

9. Wear a wig

I mentioned that your hair must belong to conceal your earbuds, right? But you can make it work even if your hair is short. All you need to do is to wear a long-haired wig. After wearing a particular wig, you can hide your headset under it, and people won’t know that you are using it to listen to your favorite music. The best wigs that you can choose from the market have oversized features so that you can cover your ears perfectly. Some people might even glue the earbuds to their wigs. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to use your earbuds in many different situations.

There you have them! Consider following the tips above, and you won’t regret it since you can wear the earbuds with peace of mind.

By Maria Tsekova

Maria Tsekova has worked in several IT companies for the last 8 years. Her experience contributes to her knowledge of different fields. She is most interested in new technology trends following the last brands on the market, listening to webinars, and be in touch with people from the corporate environment.

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