iOS 14.4 best features

Apply won’t stop innovating to offer the best solution for their customers. the updates on iOS have always been fruitful and exciting. And with iOS 14.4 coming out, there are new things that you need to learn about it. Its newest updates add more capabilities and features that increase the UX significantly.

One of the most significant spices to enjoy is the new workout to Fitness Plus for Apple Watch users.
Back in February, one would be able to get a new Unity watch face.
Some thorough users were complaining about their device’s vulnerabilities. And with iOS 14.4, these problems have been gone for good. There is tons of new stuff added in the new updates. It might need time to learn all of them. But here are the best features that we’d like to share with you.

Back-tap feature

Back-tap iOS 14.4 best feature

There are some hidden features that not all avid users can guess. When it comes to iOS 14, the new back-tap feature can be an amazing addition to the equation.

Let’s try it. Tap twice or thrice on the back of your phone and see what happens. The tapping on the back of your phone will procure some cool tasks such as screenshots, app launching, and so on. There are some features that you can choose from the tasks menu. So, be wild and explore it by yourself. It will be amazing.

Updated privacy features

Obviously, it is one of the most pivotal updates we can find in iOS 14.4. Apple is committed to keeping the users’ information private and secure. An advantage like this is the one that sets iOS apart from its competitors like Android, etc.

For instance, there is a location sharing setting that limits some apps to pinpoint your exact location. There will also be notifications to inform you that the particular app uses your camera, mic, or others. Apple launches all of the information at the official site. You need to check these features and find out how to utilize them to protect your privacy.

Apple’s ProRaw photo Format

Apple’s ProRaw photo Format

It is indeed an astonishing update for the photography geeks. Now it is possible to take photos using the “raw” format. Enjoy the result of the images without any degrading quality. However, it is only available in iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. So, embrace the great update for the particular device owners. We just wonder if this feature could come from their predecessors. That would be awesome.

Fitness Plus

During the pandemic which is not over yet, it is sensible to bring the gym experience at home. Well, you can do it with your iOS device. Apple’s Fitness Plus service is the one that you could add to your Apple Watch to help you track your workout.

No matter the level of your fitness, you can use this service to attain the workout experience you need. You don’t even have to hire a personal trainer to keep you up in shape.

Time to Walk feature

Time to Walk brings the easy walk to another level. You might be bored with the lonesome walking in the park. Why not do this with your favorite celebrities? Of course, we didn’t mean that they will physically walk with you. The enlisted celebrities will virtually walk with you. During the session, you will hear their voices telling you some inspiring and motivating stories. You can even choose the background music to your taste.


picture-in-picture iPhone in iOS 14

Back then, you were able to see picture-in-picture only on several platforms like YouTube, Viu, etc. You couldn’t do it on an iPhone. But now the situation has changed.

Picture-in-Picture already comes to 14.4. As a result, you no longer need to switch from one app to another. You can watch Twitch and browse your forum at the same time, thanks to the Picture-in-Picture mode.
However, it doesn’t apply to all apps. For instance, YouTube still does not come with support. Well, we just need to wait though. The developers will update it in the future somehow and we can enjoy the Picture-in-Picture mode more in the future.

Modify your Apps Shortcut icons

It is one of the most breaking-through additions to the newest iOS. Now the users can customize their own app icons. So, you won’t be bored with the developers-standard icon anymore. Make the icons by yourself to fully customize the look of your phone. You can download the icon then replace it with something more interesting. The process might take some time and effort to do it. But once you’ve made it, you will be proud of the result.

Updated Home Screen

iOS 14 updated home screen

There is a new feature that you can find on the home screen of 14.4. The name “App Library” might be an odd name for some users. It is a drawer-like app where you can store the apps that you rarely use. You can simply swipe right to left to your screen to access the App library. Placing the widget will be more vibrant now with the tools that allow you to create a new stylish widget.

Smart Stack Widget

The other thing you will want to tweak in your Apple device is to manage the widgets. In 14.4, you will have the freedom to create and organize your own stack of widgets. If you can create an app folder, then you can apply the same method for stacking your widgets.

App Clips

What can App Clips do for you? App Clips allow iOS users to use the apps without installing them on their devices. Keep in mind that it is different from the demo app. The App Clips only take the fractions of the app. That means you only use a feature or two from the actual app.

For instance, Yelp App Clip only shows you the menu and operational hours of the restaurant. You won’t find the other features in the full version of YELP. But if you only need that information, you could use Yelp App Clip instead of the full one. App Clips allow you to use specific features of the app without having to sacrifice your current storage for the full installation.

By Maria Tsekova

Maria Tsekova has worked in several IT companies for the last 8 years. Her experience contributes to her knowledge of different fields. She is most interested in new technology trends following the last brands on the market, listening to webinars, and be in touch with people from the corporate environment.