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Microsoft To-Do vs Microsoft Outlook Tasks – Which one is better?

Two Microsoft applications are in charge of chores. Microsoft To-Do is pre-installed on your Windows computer, and you may also use it online. The Tasks function in Outlook is really difficult to use. Which one is more effective at making the most of your time? There are a number of alternatives accessible to you. As task management systems, Microsoft To-Do and Outlook are contrasted in this article.

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do logo

In a world that feeds on turmoil, Microsoft has developed another list of things to do. Because many of Wunderlist’s features have been included in the company’s own app, the service will be phased off soon.

At the same time, it’s amazing and terrifying. It couldn’t be much easier to use. Instead of lists and checkboxes, Google’s Keep app makes use of Post-It notes. Click an icon to start a new task or list. You’ll be acquainted with the ability to add comments, reminders, and due dates to tasks if you’ve ever used a calendar program. The checkbox’s round form makes it easy to cross out and generates a pleasing sound.

Microsoft has a number of advantages. Choose a color and a theme for each new list. Although using your own photographs as themes would be ideal, the software’s small adjustments give each list its own flavor. The program allows you to sync your list across your computer and phone, allowing you to view it from any device. Lists from Todoist and Wunderlist may both be imported.

To-Suggestions My interest is piqued by activities. You may either upload your own “My Day” lists to the app or have it create one for you. Using a “smart algorithm,” the program determines the relevance of your daily duties. The next week, To-Do will remind you to purchase an anniversary gift.

Okay. It’s both practical and attractive. If there were no other to-do list tools or software, it would suffice.

Because of its ability to arrange lists into folders and sub-lists, Microsoft To-Do has eclipsed Wunderlist in popularity. This software’s most important feature will be its suggestions for everyday tasks, which Microsoft intends to expand in the future.

Microsoft To-Do is compatible with iPhone, Android, and Windows 10, but not with Mac or older Windows versions. For older Windows users, you might want to set aside this option.

Microsoft Outlook Tasks

Microsoft Outlook Tasks

Tasks from Outlook may be added to the To-Do list. The same Microsoft account may be used to access To Do and Outlook. Microsoft To-Do and Outlook Tasks show all Exchange Online-stored tasks.

Microsoft To-Do lacks the functionality of Outlook Tasks. The Outlook Tasks data will no longer be stored on the servers. The start and finish dates, status, % of completion, various priority levels, task work hours, colors, and categories of Outlook Tasks are not supported by Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft Outlook appears to be a basic email client, but it contains a lot more features.

Microsoft and other email systems have integrated task management tools since many knowledge workers use email as a to-do list.

Outlook is a fantastic tool for staying organized and never losing out on a job chance.


Task-management software may be shared across laptop users.

Two Microsoft programs are used to handle duties. Microsoft To-Do comes included with Windows. Outlook’s Tasks function is rather sophisticated. Which is more efficient at task management? As task management apps, this article contrasts Microsoft To-Do with Outlook.

Which one is the most Most Accessible?

Microsoft To-Do is a free Windows program. Microsoft To-Do is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Tasks are only available in the premium desktop app for Outlook. To-Do is compatible with the free online version.

Both have Windows screen readers built-in. Outlook’s text and icons have been shrunk. Those with visual or motor disabilities may find this difficult. Magnification is enabled by default in Windows.

To Do’s defaults are easier to read and understand. The use of color and imagery improves attention.

Both programs are compatible with phones running Android and iOS. Apps have the same usability and accessibility as their desktop counterparts. Widgets are available for both programs.

The Tasks function is missing from Outlook’s mobile version. Events are created when tasks are added to the calendar. Outlook just shows Calendar Events; no progress reports or other Tasks-related features are available.

Outlook has a number of options and menus. There are fewer things to do. Its simple design and user-friendly features make it a popular choice. It is easy for the computer newbies.

Winner: To-Do.

Best for Group Projects

A shared email group task can be done in Outlook.

Outlook is a useful project management tool. Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar are part of the same application. This improves communication and appointment scheduling.

Get regular status updates on your projects. An app can track time worked, percentage completed, and statuses like “waiting for someone“. The progress of one individual on a shared project may be tracked.

Outlook is used to deliver Task Requests. You send an email to a contact, and they are immediately hired. When the work is finished, you will be contacted and given a copy.

The Status Report button in Outlook is really fast. The status of a project is communicated in these emails. Send the email through the task window, including any comments.

To-Do includes collaborative tools. Sharing links allows you to delegate work to others. Create a to-do list or a project with the help of a coworker. As a result, access control is much simpler.

Having a list of your contacts simplifies things. When you share a list, To Do adds contacts to Windows Mail. OneNote may be used to locate contacts.

To-Do is a useful tool for completing challenging jobs. The possibility to split tasks has been enabled. This boosts motivation as well as action-taking capacity. There are no actions available inside Outlook Tasks.

Winner: Outlook Tasks

The Best Organization

The Tasks section of Outlook is well-organized. It is important how you work. Subfolders and automatic sorting are available in Outlook Tasks. To-Do makes it simple.

Outlook rules may be used to move emails and calendar events to the Tasks folder. You can choose which comes first. Tasks are color-coded using categories.

To-Do streamlines the functionality of Outlook. To-Do does not have any subfolders. It allows you to prioritize items, but only in a binary way: objects marked with a star are important.

There are hashtag categories in To-Do. When you add a hashtag to a task, it is assigned to the same category. Outlook does not include the To-Do’s My Day function.

My Day folder in Microsoft To-Do is a terrific idea. You may either input tasks manually or choose one from the To-Do list. Tasks that are due soon, are important, or have not been performed will be highlighted in the suggestions.

Outlook Tasks is nearly as good as Smart Agenda To Do. Select Outlook if you want further details.

Winner: To Do

The Best Customization

You may correlate emails with files and tasks in Outlook and To-Do. Mark the email as “To Do,” then move it to whatever list you choose. Text notes and media assets can be added to both platforms.

The task description in Outlook allows both rich text formatting and graphical features. It takes effort to include appealing design elements into each job. To view the available vacancies, click the job title.

It is useful to add files. Outlook links tasks. Attach Outlook Items that serve this purpose. To-Do does not connect related tasks.

To Do’s look is the only thing that can be changed. Lists may be personalized by changing their background color. You have the option of sorting by Due Date or Creation Date.

Two useful To-Do lists are Flagged Emails and Assigned to Me. Outlook is perfect for task fine-tuning.

Winner: Outlook Tasks

Which one is better?

To-Do is beneficial for little activities and personal projects. Overall, Outlook’s feature set is superior. The added information and personalization give it a more professional appearance.

Wunderlist and Office collaborated to produce the new task management Microsoft To-Do. It’s straightforward, with a list of responsibilities and a tick. You may quickly add tasks by selecting “Add a to-do,” entering the task, pressing “Enter,” and then selecting the next item. Make a new list and rearrange the jobs to put them in the correct order.

Unfortunately, no apps are available for macOS, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Microsoft Outlook has a plethora of tasks.

People make to-do lists on paper, spreadsheets, or both. Users of Outlook may combine lists with monitoring and reminders.

Which one is the best? It will depend on your personal choice.

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