OnePlus 9 Pro Review

The OnePlus 9 Pro is a flagship smartphone that strictly competes with the other smartphones in the Android market. I know that some of you think that this brand is less popular than other Android brands.

OnePlus is still relatively new in the market. After seven years of establishment, it finally comes with a legitimate flagship phone which can turn your interest in it. It has amazing features and perks that you can enjoy for the maximum user experience. Without further ado, let’s see the full review of the particular gadget.

The Design

The first I looked at it, I knew that it was a high-class device. It has such an elegant and sleek appearance. The very thin bezels from edge to edge maximize the available 6.7-inch screen.

Its materials and builds are solid. I can see the glass on the front and back curves are precisely engineered, showing a legitimate flagship class of the phone.

If it reminds you of the Galaxy S20 Plus, then you are right. It resembles the Galaxy S20 Plus except for the location of the selfie camera and the logo position.

The hardware

OnePlus comes up with three personalization ringer switches from ringer, vibration, and silent. The vibration is good enough without distraction. But for some users, it might be a weakness since the vibration is weaker than other smartphones.

As for the processor, I can applaud its powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It has 8 GB of RAM in the 128 GB model, and 12 GB of RAM in the 256 GB Model. However, there are no storage expansions in both models. It is not a big problem for me though.

How about the 5G?

OnePlus has 5G, but the only certification it gets is from T-Mobile as the carrier partner. If you’re getting it through other carriers, you won’t get the 5G one. So far, there’s only one confirmed carrier.

The other carriers are still progressing their 5G certification for the OnePlus smartphone. Verizon would also support 5G on the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. But you need to ensure the information through their official pages.

Battery and charging

Charging capability could be one of the reasons why you need to add this to your wishlist. It has such impeccable performance of the battery.

All models come with the 65W charger in the box. According to the experts, the 4,500mAh battery in the OnePlus 9 is split into two, which makes the charging much faster.

If you are eager to use a wireless charger, you could spend another $69 to purchase the official OnePlus Warp Charge 50. It works if you set your phone in any mode, including the landscape mode.

I tested it to charge the model from empty. And it only took around 45 minutes to get full charging. That was amazing, isn’t it?

The battery capacity is also enough for using it heavily and it can be there for you for a half-day.

The Screen

OnePlus 9 comes with LTPO OLED Screen. For those who haven’t known, its quality is fantastic with less demanding power. It can indeed help with the device’s battery life.

The 6.7-inch screen is large enough to present you with nice multimedia. The screen fresh rate standard is 120Hz. But with the “Hyper Touch”, it can be clocked to up to 360Hz.

What does it mean, then?

That means you can play any game you want on this device and won’t feel annoyed with a stuttering image or flicks. This incredible screen refresh rate will give more perks for your gaming experience.


The camera quality is top-notch, although it is not the best in its class. The main camera has a 48 MP Sony sensor with OIS. In the pro mode, you can shoot such professional photos.

The Pro mode in-camera also eases the users to present the captures. You can use the manual or auto depending on your preference.

The other cameras come with 50MP ultra-wide with a good sensor. The ultra-wide sensor could bring up your content creation to another level.

Shooting in the darker environment? No worry. Use Nightscape mode which helps the users to conduct the nighttime shots.

The Performance

The performance of OnePlus has topped the other competitors. First things first, I’d like to give a nod to its sophisticated fingerprint sensor. It was fast and seamless.

OxygenOS is the name of Android OS in the OnePlus device. Version 11 in this model is pretty much helpful and friendly. Even though you are a first-timer, you will be surprised by the ease of the interface of the device.

You can customize the system including the font, icon, etc to make it more personal.

You can also add the widgets in different sections so that it won’t make your main home screen crowded.

Pricing and availability

Although the officials launched the device back on March 23, you won’t see it in the UK market until March 31. meanwhile, it will come out on April 2 in the US. You can expect the releases of the phone across the globe in mid-April or early May.

The 8GB of RAM with 128GB storage base models cost you $969. you can get it from T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. keep in mind that you could get the 5G models from T-Mobile and Verizon. AT&T only provides the LTE models of the smartphone.

The positive things

• Great software

• The great screen that will pamper yourself

• Fast charging

The negative things

• Digital zoom might not be stable in unfavorable conditions

• No 5G support

• There are no expansion slots for the memories


OnePlus 9 is not necessarily a flagship killer. But I can vouch for its features and performance to crown it as a legitimate flagship android device.

It costs less than other popular Android device brands. But it has great features which can be jaw-dropping for most avid fans of Android. If you are looking for a flagship Android phone with a friendly price tag, you can check out the OnePlus 9 as your consideration.

By Maria Tsekova

Maria Tsekova has worked in several IT companies for the last 8 years. Her experience contributes to her knowledge of different fields. She is most interested in new technology trends following the last brands on the market, listening to webinars, and be in touch with people from the corporate environment.