How to Hide Headphones at Work

Are you working from 9-5? or, are you a part-timer? No matter what your job is, you will want to enjoy yourself when you do. Working while listening to music can be an excellent way to improve your productivity. Some mates are doing this to concentrate on their tasks. Meanwhile, some of them want to… Read More »

Is it worth it to buy wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are now in the hype and transforming how people use their earplugs for communications or multimedia. You can now find various wireless earbud products from various brands and manufacturers in the market. Despite its global popularity, there are still many people(perhaps including you) who think is it worth it to buy wireless earbuds… Read More »

How to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to LG tv

If you have an LG TV, Bluetooth wireless headphones are certainly a great alternative to a complete set of home theaters. It’s not only convenient, but wireless headphones are cost-effective and silent operation so you can set the volume level you desire when watching your favorite movie without bothering your neighbors. Even though LG TV… Read More »