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How to Mine Bitcoin Using Your PC

Mining Bitcoin is the phrase used to explain the miners who successfully validate transactions that are made by bitcoin users across the globe. And for the “mining” service, they will get rewards in the form of a fraction of a Bitcoin. Many people have chosen to be miners because it is a good opportunity for… Read More »

Is Bitcoin Legal in Hong Kong?

To know whether Bitcoin is legal or not in Hong Kong, we must first understand the regulations that apply in the country. The good news is that the regulations are still in favor. These particular regulations allow retail investors to purchase and sell Bitcoin and other crypto-assets. But there are some changes in the rules… Read More »

How to Trade Bitcoin under 18

When you ask if you are eligible to trade Bitcoin when you’re below 18, the answer can be YES and NO. In nature, there is no one who can forbid you from buying Bitcoin for investment or other purposes. If you are old enough and understand the product you purchased, you must be ready to… Read More »

What Is Blockchain Technology?

There are many trends revolving around the digital world. And if you are pretty aware of it, the word “blockchain” should be familiar to you. Understanding the blockchain shouldn’t be difficult because it is a kind of database.As we know, the particular database usually stores information. But there’s a significant difference that we can see… Read More »

How to Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is arguably no.1 cryptocurrency in the world. If you are asking a question about investing in digital assets, Bitcoin tends to be included in the recommendations list. Purchasing Bitcoin can be a great way to start your journey in new digital investment. But we agree not to overlook the fact that this kind of… Read More »