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How long does the Windows 10 update take?

It is one of the most frequent questions asked by many Windows 10 users across the globe. If you are using Windows 10, you might have experienced the long wait for updates that can take forever. Sometimes, you even leave it to sleep or take a nap, so that you might lose track of how… Read More »

Best Alternatives of Microsoft Teams

For great team collaboration and on-track progress, many teams have been using Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a platform that offers features that can help the collaboration in the project team. This platform integrates the messenger app, meetings, notes, and attachments, as well as Office 365 subscription including MS-OFfice and Skype. But with such a… Read More »

The Best Android Games 2021

Google Play has offered avid android users a bunch of apps that can help them to improve their lives. And if you are amongst them, there’s a chance that you are also looking for the best games to entertain you during break times. With such limited storage space in your device, you cannot take them… Read More »

iOS 14.4 best features

Apply won’t stop innovating to offer the best solution for their customers. the updates on iOS have always been fruitful and exciting. And with iOS 14.4 coming out, there are new things that you need to learn about it. Its newest updates add more capabilities and features that increase the UX significantly. One of the… Read More »