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Microsoft To Do integration with Outlook?

Sign in to with a personal Microsoft account to access Microsoft To Do from the tasks pane. Microsoft To Do does not support Outlook Tasks’ start and finish dates, status, % complete, priority levels, task work hours, task colors, and note formatting. To see Outlook Tasks, deselect The new Tasks in the upper-right corner.… Read More »

Microsoft To-Do vs Todoist

In every manner, Microsoft To-Do outperforms Todoist. If you don’t require a task manager for work, Todoist is a wonderful option. So let’s see how Microsoft To-Do stacks up against Todoist. Key Features of Microsoft Do-To Both apps include cross-platform support, an easy-to-use interface, and mobile phone access. It is possible to send reminders many… Read More »

Microsoft To Do vs OneNote

Have you ever compared Microsoft To Do and OneNote? Which one is the best? Or, is it best to use both of them. You will probably find out the answer after reading this post. About Microsoft To-Do Microsoft To Do is a well-known software for quickly managing to-do lists. Free synchronization is available on Android,… Read More »