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How to add recurring tasks in Microsoft To Do?

This is a comprehensive reference to Microsoft Teams To Do, a task management software.

It is completely free to use on any device that can connect to the Internet. To sign in or create a free account, go to the website and click “get started”. Open the Microsoft Store and seek installation instructions.

You can also get Microsoft To Do on Android and iOS devices by searching the App Store or Play Store. Microsoft should now be present on all of your devices.

If you are looking for a way to add recurring tasks in Microsoft To Do, you’ve come to the right page.

3 Steps to add recurring tasks in Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do comes with abundant features. But it is not hard to find how to add recurring tasks.

One of the controls, in this case, is “repeat.”. This brings up a submenu where you may configure the time between repetitions. 

1. To do it, simply Select A Task.

2. Select Repeat. Then, you are going to choose when your task will repeat.

3. This app offers the users various times to repeat such as daily, on weekdays, weekly, monthly, and yearly, or you can even customize the recurring tasks.

How to add recurring tasks in Microsoft To Do

how to Add steps to tasks

A task can include steps. Meaning? You can have a difficult project that you want to break down into steps on Techieberry.

In a bigger project, you might want to add a chunk of milestones. Or, you might want to add steps to break down the things you need to do to overcome the specific milestone.

1. To do it, add it to my list by clicking the “Add Task” button.

2. Then in the particular task, you will need to “Add Step”. Type the step, and enter to proceed.

How to add steps to tasks

Flag email to create a task

Microsoft Outlook automatically adds flagged emails to your task and to-do lists. Look over my email. An employee informed me via email that they were leaving. Oh, that’s not a good example. Apologies. I’m concerned. I’ll have to conduct some research. Exactly. On the right, there is a pause. You may click it to do more, such as flag it.

You need to check with Microsoft on this, so please note it and put it on my to-do list. There is one email in particular that jumps out.

This link opens the highlighted message in Microsoft Outlook. When you click, Outlook opens and displays the message.

Make it possible to see tagged messages. To access the settings, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Scroll down to discover which applications are compatible. Email should be flagged.

Flag email to create a task

Add tasks using Siri

A novel option. Siri can help you add tasks on Android as long as you have an iPhone. No, not yet. You’ll soon be able to use the feature on the left. To activate Siri shortcuts, open the to-do app and click on your profile image.

Two new keyboard shortcuts should now be available. Siri may add new tasks to a task list. Siri may also keep track of tasks that have already been done. You’ll select this option because you want Siri to create a task for me.

This brings up a Siri setting screen. When you talk to Siri, you must first enter a statement that she understands. Add “to do” once you’ve finished typing.

Selecting this option on the subsequent page instructs Siri on how to proceed. You will want Siri to add a new task to the list you’ve given her. This enables me to select another list. I’ll include it in the next paragraphs.

Planner tasks assigned to you

Microsoft’s task list includes things from your planner.

To utilize this, go to the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. Then, select the settings option. It is possible to define which applications are connected at the bottom of the screen.

Share Lists

Accept responsibility for one another’s work. These options will be presented by Microsoft. There is much to be done with the opening of a new office in New York City. Nobody expects anything from me as the proprietor of Techieberry. One of my workers generated the list on the left. It is possible to do so by right-clicking a list.

To make the list visible to others, click the Share icon in the top right corner. Make a link to invite guests.

Share lists in Microsoft To Do

Right-click on the URL below and select “Copy Link Address.” I could invite people by email or simply copy and paste the URL into a social media post.

Another option is to limit access. Existing users may be restricted, and sharing may be disabled.

Click the chair icon in the upper-right corner of the page to share this list.

We can see who has access to our account by going here, and we can also copy the URL to share with others.

My day and suggestions

“My day” facilitates task prioritizing. You will easily prioritize which tasks you will be doing for the day. Making daily lists is useful.

Because the list is flushed or erased at the end of each day, you start each day with a clean slate. The days of creating a to-do list and adding stuff until you grow overwhelmed and quit using it are over.

You’ll be able to focus on a few chores instead of feeling overwhelmed every day.

In terms of my everyday perspective, I’d like to know. This is when software intelligence comes into play. An idea symbol is presented on the right side of the display. To add an item, simply click on it, and you’ll be sent to a new window with suggestions.

These tasks are highlighted at the top of the page, and you can add them to your schedule by clicking the + symbol. This helps you to focus on what is most important to you and aids you in developing a clear vision for your day.

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