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Microsoft To Do integration with Outlook?

Sign in to with a personal Microsoft account to access Microsoft To Do from the tasks pane.

Microsoft To Do does not support Outlook Tasks’ start and finish dates, status, % complete, priority levels, task work hours, task colors, and note formatting. To see Outlook Tasks, deselect The new Tasks in the upper-right corner.

This function is accessible to anyone who uses and has a Microsoft account. You will soon be able to utilize this function at work, school, and other locations.

To Do Integration is Working with Many other apps

Do you think Microsoft could create a centralized task management system? To Do may be used in conjunction with Outlook, Flow, Cortana, and Skype.

Microsoft provides a number of tools for managing various jobs. Outlook tasks (the To-Do List in Outlook 2019) may be synchronized in a number of ways with other apps. Because not all email clients sync with Outlook tasks, it’s impossible to use Outlook tasks as a to-do list on your phone. Microsoft’s new To-Do app is intended to help you keep track of your duties.

To-Do will be the hub for all of Microsoft’s tasks and to-dos. There are several levels of integration here, ranging from simple (a button in the Windows 10 Calendar app or mobile Outlook opens the To-Do app) to complicated (a button in either app opens the other app).

Intune may be used by both business and home users to keep track of their to-do lists. As a Microsoft Office 365 (Business Essentials or above) tenancy, To-Do provides the same encryption, compliance, and data residency as your personal Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft To Do with Outlook Calendar

Microsoft To-Do may be linked to Outlook Calendar. Microsoft To-Do may be linked to Outlook Calendar on the web or on a mobile device. The same Microsoft account is required for both accounts.

Outlook Calendar is a tool that helps you plan and achieve your goals. Outlook’s calendar may be used to keep track of tasks. In this article, you’ll discover how to use Outlook Calendar instead of other programs to keep track of your to-do list.

Outlook Calendar is a wonderful alternative to Google Calendar if you like Microsoft products. Students, professionals, educators, and office workers may use Outlook Calendar to keep track of key dates. Were you primarily using this calendar for that purpose up until now? This application is also capable of dealing with task lists.

There are a few things to consider while creating a to-do list app. Making a To-Do List App Google Keep can help you manage your duties, create lists, and set reminders. You might not have known about these Outlook Calendar features before. This tutorial will go through the Outlook to-do list choices.

In a nutshell, here are the steps to utilize Outlook Calendar as a To-Do list app:

  • Add information/emoji in the title
  • Set the category for the particular task
  • Add bullet points or numbers
  • Set reminder
  • Repeat reminder

Keep in mind that it will only work if you use the same accounts in both apps.

Getting tasks into Outlook

Currently, only a few To-Do links are operational. The most established method is to sync tasks with Outlook, but it does not support all Outlook capabilities (or all To-Do features), so you may need to import tasks from other applications and services into Outlook first.

By subscribing to the To-Do calendar feed, you can view the tasks you create in To-Do in Outlook. Outlook 2019 adds them to the tasks area, and there is a Wunderlist Outlook add-in that converts an email into a Wunderlist task. These items, however, will not be put on the To-Do list. There is a link in Settings that allows you to import Wunderlist items into To-Do, but it is a one-way sync, so any modifications you make will not be reflected. You may currently only share Wunderlist lists as a whole, not individual tasks.

The to-do tag in OneNote provides a checkbox that may be crossed off, but if you want a to-do to appear in Outlook, you must choose Outlook Task and add a reminder (and this is one of the missing features from the OneNote Store app).

Site tasks will appear in Outlook if you go to the List page of a SharePoint team site and choose Connect to Outlook. Project Server or an add-on like Power2Plan are required for Project tasks to appear in Outlook. A project manager must configure how Project, SharePoint, and Outlook will interact. To see Microsoft Planner tasks in Outlook, you must first publish and open an iCal feed, which places them in the calendar rather than the tasks area.

When you add a date or time to a note, the Add Reminder button appears and a Cortana reminder is created.

In the past, integration with To-Do was more difficult than interaction with Outlook tasks. When you login into Outlook (or and To-Do with the same account and tasks, their task lists will sync. A Microsoft account is required if you wish to utilize instead of Yahoo or Gmail. Tasks may be created, completed, and dragged across lists in either app. Outlook allows you to utilize emoji list names to make changing the appearance of To-Do icons easier.

To-Do is an Outlook and Exchange task reader, however, it does not support all of Outlook’s task functionality. You can only specify one due date; you cannot specify start and end dates. Task statuses such as “in progress” or “25 percent done” and data such as “miles” will not appear in To-Do, and you will be unable to define work hours, priority levels, or an Outlook category for a task.

Other tasks that sync to Outlook as tasks, such as utilizing the OneNote tag, will sync to To-Do as well. In Outlook, you can recover deleted To-Do app tasks but not the app itself. After synchronizing a To-Do item, you may set a reminder and add it to Outlook as a normal task. To-Do does not allow you to assign tasks to others, and shared lists do not appear in Outlook. Only your own syncs are visible in To-Do. Because you won’t know when someone completes a task, you’ll have to cross it off your list yourself. It takes longer to distribute jobs one at a time than it does to distribute a list. At the very least, notify the appropriate party.

If you sync a recurring task that was created a while ago but hasn’t been marked as done each time, you’ll see all the late occurrences in To-Do, and as you accomplish each one, the Outlook reminder for the next one opens, and then closes.

Outlook tasks may be synced with To-Do in private preview by submitting tagged emails (Microsoft said the feature would start rolling out in December 2018). If you drag an email into’s task pane or create a Quick Step in desktop Outlook to convert it to a task, then select it, it will sync as a task. Email attachments will be shown in the assignment in the future. Microsoft Flow may generate tasks for marked emails, however, finishing the task does not remove the mark from Outlook (which will happen with the official integration).

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