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Experienced backend and full-stack PHP developer with a demonstrated history of working in the cryptocurrency industry. Also skilled in cloud-based software products. Strong blockchain professional with a Master's degree focused in Tech development from Amsterdam Institute of Technology. Participate in regular online webinars with famous experts from the IT-sphere.

Why should you not trade with leverage?

Trading with leverage has been one of the most popular options for risk-takers across the globe. Forex traders tend to get higher leverage than those trading stocks. That is also a reason why many traders are fond of Forex trading. You might have come across the word “leverage” several times now. Most people out there… Read More »

Microsoft Teams’ call button missing

Microsoft Teams have been proven to be a very effective and sophisticated tool for professional collaboration. It is a great vessel that helps different organizations and groups work together with their partners in a more seamless way. With the abundant positive features of the Microsoft Teams solution, it is much easier to exchange information across… Read More »

How to Change the Microsoft Teams Chat Picture

Using Microsoft Teams can be a bit tricky sometimes, not only for the difficult features but also for the simpler ones. If you have come to this page, I am sure you have similar questions about this. You might be wondering how to change the Microsoft team chat picture. Well, there is nothing wrong with… Read More »