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Microsoft Teams’ call button missing

Microsoft Teams have been proven to be a very effective and sophisticated tool for professional collaboration. It is a great vessel that helps different organizations and groups work together with their partners in a more seamless way. With the abundant positive features of the Microsoft Teams solution, it is much easier to exchange information across… Read More »

How to Disable Microsoft Teams Chat Popup

If you have been using Microsoft Teams for a while, you might be interested in some hacks that you can try to advance the usage of the software. Since the Covid-19 breakout, there are a lot of people who get benched to work at home. If you are one of them, you might transform your… Read More »

How to Change the Microsoft Teams Chat Picture

Using Microsoft Teams can be a bit tricky sometimes, not only for the difficult features but also for the simpler ones. If you have come to this page, I am sure you have similar questions about this. You might be wondering how to change the Microsoft team chat picture. Well, there is nothing wrong with… Read More »

How to Make Microsoft Teams Chat Smaller

When we are talking about the size of the Microsoft Teams Chat, we know that size does matter to some people. Someone might already have a larger screen so that there is no problem with viewing the team chat through their monitor. The chat size could be bigger or smaller depending on the eyes of… Read More »