Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Review

The MacBook Pro 13-inch which comes with the M1 chip is going to change the particular market forever. Well, why not? This chip replaces the predecessor Intel processors which come with great performances without heavy demands on the battery.
The new M1 Chip is 2.8 times faster than its predecessor.

Pricing and availability

MacBook Pro 13-inch starts from $1,299 for the 256 GB SSD storage base and 8 GB of RAM. The higher-spec model 2 TB SSD/16GB RAM comes with a $2,299 price tag. The prices can be different from one area to another.

It has been available in the market for a few months now.

The Design

The M1 brain procures the brand new standard of the high-end notebook for avid consumers. It only weighs 3 pounds, similar to its predecessors. The compactness and lightweightness of the unit are indeed the winners.

However, the breaking-through aspect is the M1 chip. The perfect design looks classic but super slim. Those who are expecting new design changes might not be satisfied enough when seeing this.

But, it is not a surprising decision made by the Apple officials. After all, we can see that the iPhone hasn’t changed the design since 2016.

So, the Pro 13-inch with M1 is just another tradition of the beloved brand.

It is not bad at all, actually. For Apple lovers like me, it is just rather familiar. But don’t fret yet because you get bored with the old-fashioned design. The moment you touch the Magic Keyboard and conduct some of the tasks in this notebook, you will be joyfully surprised.

The Cool TouchBar

Ones who yearn about the multi-tasking versatility of the TouchBar can be glad to carry their MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 anywhere they go.

AS we know, the TouchBar is not available in its predecessors, but available in the older versions of the MacBook. For those who are already familiar with the TouchBar, you can see that it is back.

There’s a thin touchscreen that is positioned at the top of the conventional keyboard. The TouchBar returns to this model. And it will be great for all the users who want to simplify all of their tasks.

Since many users have been vouching for the versatility of the TouchBar, it is sensible to add it to the M1 version.


The screen won’t be disappointing at all. It comes with a great resolution of 2560 x 1600. you will have a sharp image to enjoy.

The P3 wide color gamut comes with such vibrant colors. If you are looking for the great accuracy of the colors, this feature will indeed root for your activities.

The excellent colors produced by the screen can be a great reason for photographers, video editors, as well as content creators to choose this mobile device. The P3 wide color support will ensure such lively colors presented on your screen.


If you are expecting an abundant number of ports, you won’t likely find it in the newest Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch. It comes with only two Thunderbolt 3 ports. One is located on the left side, and the other on the right.

You can easily see the audio jack on the right, which is a favorable solution for most of the users.

Back then, there was speculation about the losing of Thunderbolt 3. Well, you know. It is an Intel product. But the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with M1 also comes with the Thunderbolt 3. so, you don’t need to worry.

The other port is a slot for a memory card which you can use to copy photos or videos from and to your memory card. Or, you could use the older version of USB-A ports for older Apple devices. Unfortunately, there is no USB-C port in the MacBook Pro.


The performance can be jaw-dropping for most users. The Apple officials claimed that the new M1 Chip is 2.8 faster than the predecessors.

I have tested it for the 3D title render. It is 5.9 times faster than the predecessor. I used the Final Cut Pro to render the 3D objects.

And so I tried some AAA games and it ended up with 30FPS to 70FPS with the middle settings. Thanks to the GPU, I didn’t feel any problem when running the Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the MacBook Pro 13-inch M1 that I tested. It is more badass than the older 8th generation of Intel processor with integrated graphics.

I also tried to open several apps with heavy loads at once and swap between them while they were operating. The result was amazing. They could open quickly. And shifting from one app to another while others running in the background wouldn’t affect the performance of this buddy heavily.

Battery quality and performance

Apple claims that their latest MacBook unit has the longest battery life. It can be up and running to 17 hours of web browsing, 20 hours of video playback. That provides a huge gap of 10 hours compared to its predecessor.

With such promises from Apple, it is safe to assume that it can be a reliable and supportive buddy when you are mobile working. Not to mention that you can rely on this badass to conduct heavy and multiple tasks.

In my personal test, it could last for 12 hours and 30 minutes. During the test, I played a looped Mulan movie with a 50% brightness level. Imagine how great it is since it took a half-day to die. Well, it is close to what Apple was claiming.

Positive Points

• Durable and reliable battery quality

• Great performance for multi-tasking and heavy tasks

• You can run iOS apps on it

• The sophisticated Magic Keyboard

Negative Points

• Users need more ports!

• The dated design could be a drawback for new lovers


If you are an Apple lover and planning to improve your mobile working experience, the MacBook Pro 13-inch is going to be a great option for you. It comes with an old design with astonishing battery quality and lifespan. If you don’t mind the classic design, go for it.

By Maria Tsekova

Maria Tsekova has worked in several IT companies for the last 8 years. Her experience contributes to her knowledge of different fields. She is most interested in new technology trends following the last brands on the market, listening to webinars, and be in touch with people from the corporate environment.