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How to fix Apple Wireless Earbuds that work on one side

The Apple Wireless Earbuds or AirPods have been one of the staple items for Apple users across the globe. These series have such excellent quality of build and sound. Besides its performance, it also has an aesthetic design that the pair will make the wearer proud when using it to listen to their favorite music.

But just like other headsets from different brands, the Apple wireless earbuds also come with some issues and problems that users will need to pay attention to. One of the most common problems that AirPods users complain about is the one-ear problem. That means the AirPods only operate in just one ear, whether it is left or right. But don’t worry below you will find 4 ways how to fix your Apple wireless earbuds when they work only on one side.

And if you have experienced it while reading this article, you’d agree with how annoying the level of the errors are. It might sound awful, especially if you are listening to your favorite music or playing video games with it.

But these errors should be easy to overcome if you know the root of the problem. Therefore, you could read this guide until the end to find out exactly what triggers the error in your AirPods and how to fix the one-ear problem in the device.

Fixing the AirPods that you have shouldn’t be difficult if you know the underlying problem that is taking place. There are some reasons why your AirPods can only operate in one ear. It can be because of software issues, connection issues, battery issues, and hardware issues. let’s take a look at the different cases and the appropriate methods to conduct to fix your AirPods.

Here are the 4 ways to fix your Apple wireless earbuds when they work only on one side

1. Check the battery

One of the most common problems that not many people know is that the low battery can affect the overall performance of your AirPods or earbuds. The bass battery might shut off. It is good if it shuts off all pods. But in some cases, the low battery still empowers the AirPods, but not maximally, so that only one of the pods will operate.

You can simply check if your AirPods are charged properly. One of the pods might be low on battery, which causes it to shut off.

You can check it right away by placing the pods into the charging case. Open your case lid and hold it nearby your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices. This will show you the remaining percentage of the battery life of your AirPods.

Or, you could check the battery power directly on the devices connected to your AirPods. For instance, if you are using your iPhone, you could go to the Bluetooth settings for the AirPods. Then check on the Apple device and you will definitely find the battery information there.

In many cases, the AirPods only operate in one ear is simply because of the low battery. If that is the underlying problem that caused the error, you could charge them. Then, after being charged, you can just use your AirPods as usual. If you notice the same problems even though you have charged your AirPods, you’d want to check out other tips on our list.

2. Take care of your AirPods

AirPods could have such significant errors because they are not clean enough. There’s a chance that you have been using this pair of buddies for months or years and never in your life have cleaned them thoroughly.

If you often use your AirPods for your particular activities, there’s a chance that dirt like ear wax is accumulating. You might not notice it because the ear wax could be a tiny size. But when it is built up, the amount can be enormous, so that it can tamper with the work of your earbuds. In common cases, it can affect the main performance, such as the volume could be lower, or your AirPods could completely stop working.

You could use the cleaning kits specially designed for the AirPods that you can purchase on many popular marketplaces on the net. But if you don’t get access to these cleaning kits, you could replace them with cleaning wipes. For the left and stubborn dirt, you could clean it with a soft toothbrush.

Do not use water to clean your AirPods since it will cause the hardware to break. Don’t use liquid since it can affect the internal components of the Airpods.

Besides the earbuds, you also want to clean your earbud charging case too. There’s also a possibility that the charging is tampered with because of the dirt. The smooth connection must be there if the connector is clean and tidy. If the AirPod is not charged properly, chances are it won’t operate well.

After you clean them both, you will want to connect them again and charge your AirPods. Play them and check if they work.

3. Check the Bluetooth connection

Playing only on one side could also be due to the poor connection of your Bluetooth device. Whether you are connecting your AirPods to your PC, smartphone, Mac, or other devices, it is a great idea to check on the Bluetooth connection first before making a conclusion.

It can happen every time depending on the condition of the devices, the place you are using the device, and many other factors. You could simply disconnect and reconnect them again. Or, you could go further by removing their pairing. And you could restart the pairing activities again.

Reconnecting the AirPods to the particular source device could have a great chance of getting your Bluetooth setback.

Bluetooth issues are often causing problems not only with the AirPods but also with other branded earbuds. You could also disconnect Bluetooth devices from the Control Center. But it does not mean the total off. You need to turn the Bluetooth off completely and turn it back on to see the effect afterward.

4. Play around with the sound setting

On your smartphone or PC, there must be a setting for the stereo balance. The stereo balance is responsible for distributing the sound between each side of your earbuds. The left and right sides must be balanced to work.

You can check it on your phone through Accessibility-Audio/Visual. Then locate letters L and R. There’s a slider that allows you to control the balance. Put the slider exactly in the center between left and right.

There you have them. Which one of the ways above works for you? Let us know in the comment box section below.

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