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How Can Technology Help in Covid 19?

Some experts have stated: without technology, overcoming the covid 19 pandemic could take decades to a century. Now we are in the second year since the initial outbreak. Although it is not over yet, the governments have distributed some portions of vaccines already. We should thank them for their hard work to handle the pandemic.

Technology can’t prevent the covid 19 breakout, but it can help humans to prevent the spread, and prevent infections from getting worse. In common cases, technology is a significant factor in helping people to reduce the impact of infections. The decreasing cases of infections in many surviving countries have been solid proof of technology intervention in covid 19 handling.

What is most direct to us is the use of the internet in the role of managing the covid-19 pandemic. In order to spread accurate information, giant companies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube are working hard to guide people to the faucets of trustworthy information sources, preventing misleading information which can jeopardize communities.

Technology has also made the finding of drugs much faster. Scientists and health specialists have used AI to dissect the protein structures of the viruses, helping researchers to cut the time short in finding vaccines and drugs. Google Deepmind, for instance, helps medical researchers to find the source of a protein based on its genetic sequence.

During the pandemic, the interoperability and transparency of data transfer were significantly important from one party to another. Several groups are using high technology to provide transparent information that can be used by people to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

There have been many practices of technology in your country and international regions to fight this pandemic.

Covid-19 has also changed the lives of many people. Many workers are benched at home to work from their place, preventing them from getting infected in public places. You might be one of those who realize that technology has been more significant in the new normal, which includes physical distancing and other protocols.

More transactions are now cashless. People would stay at home shopping for their daily needs and wait for the items to arrive at their doorstep.

Many people are also doing their business right at home. Governments suggest work-from-home activities for some companies.

Technology has made it possible for us to handle the covid-19 pandemic and live alongside it. It has yet to end, but we can rely on technology to thrive.

By Lyubomir Dimitrov

Experienced backend and full-stack PHP developer with a demonstrated history of working in the cryptocurrency industry. Also skilled in cloud-based software products. Strong blockchain professional with a Master's degree focused in Tech development from Amsterdam Institute of Technology. Participate in regular online webinars with famous experts from the IT-sphere.