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How long do Bluetooth headphones battery last

Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds have gained worldwide popularity due to its practical yet convenient user experience but it also draws concern regarding the battery lifespan. Many users wonder how long their headphones battery would last considering wireless earphones are generally more expensive than wired ones and the battery itself isn’t replaceable.

There are actually multiple factors that determine the lifespan of Bluetooth headphones batteries which are mostly polymer batteries. These include the battery quality, usage, charging factor, and other factors.

Battery Quality

Assuming that the Bluetooth headphones use lithium batteries, the battery used by the manufacturer is the most determinant factor of the lifespan.

Good quality batteries generally have around 500 complete cycles.  

When the battery has completed the cycles, it has likely reached the end of its life. On the other hand, different headphone products may come with different amperage that refers to their power capacity. The rest would depend on the usage and charging custom.

There are also Bluetooth headphones with a larger battery capacity that gives you more talk-time hours before recharging. However, these products are typically more expensive than generic Bluetooth headphones. Still, you need to get a Bluetooth headset that can support your requirements and preferences.

Usage and Battery Consumption

Even if the wireless headphones come with a good quality battery, the lifespan would also be determined by the actual usage. It actually refers to the talk-time, volume, connection, pairing session, standby time, etc. The more hours of usage, the higher the volume, and the longer pairing sessions, the quicker you drain the battery and need to recharge it. More active users would reach the battery complete cycles sooner.

Some misusage may also reduce the battery lifespan like making phone calls when charging, keeping the Bluetooth on when not used, exposing the device to direct sunlight, etc. The battery maintenance of Bluetooth headphones can only be carried on through proper and proportional usage.

Charging and discharging custom

When it comes to lithium batteries, your charging custom would also determine the lifespan of your headphones battery. Most headphones would automatically stop the charging when the battery is full so the overcharging won’t likely be the problem but over-discharging is a different story.

You better keep the lithium battery when in the interval of 20% -80% to maintain a healthy cycle. Don’t wait until the battery drains below 20% to charge it. Over-discharging and poor maintenance can cause capacity loss inside the battery that simply reduces its lifespan.

So, how long?

Considering that you may have different headphone products and usage, it’s tricky to draw a conclusion about the lifespan of a Bluetooth headphone battery.

Assuming you have a good quality lithium battery and you charge it twice a day with proper manners, you can expect your Bluetooth battery headphone to last 2-3 years with no problems until the performance decreases.

The battery is the core of a Bluetooth headset that determines its lifespan because this battery is irreplaceable.  Once the battery performance decreases, you’re losing your Bluetooth headphones. What’s the point of having a Bluetooth headset if you have to charge it every five minutes? Fortunately, there are some solutions that allow you to extend the battery life.

Extend Your Battery Life with These Simple Tips

There are some ways you can optimize the battery life of your Bluetooth headphone batteries including:

1. Turn Off When Not in Use

Many people forget to turn off Bluetooth headphones when not in use that drain the battery power unnecessarily. This way, they’d charge battery power more often than needed to make it reach the complete cycle more quickly. Consequently, the battery lifespan would be reduced while they get minimum benefits from the headphones. If you’ve finished using the Bluetooth headphones, simply turn them off and you can enjoy them longer.

2. Store Your Headphones Properly

Next, Bluetooth headphones need to be stored properly when not in use to keep the optimum battery lifespan. Direct sunlight exposure can degrade the battery of your Bluetooth headphones in the long term. You better dock your headset in the box and keep them away from direct UV exposure in a dry, dark place. This way, you can improve the overall lifespan of your Bluetooth headset.

3. Always Use Compatible Charger

You should only use the charger that comes with your Bluetooth headphones. Don’t use your phone charger interchangeably with the headphones as they may not have the same technical specifications. Charging your Bluetooth headphones with an incompatible charger would reduce their overall lifespan incrementally. If you want to use another charger, make sure it’s fully compatible with your Bluetooth headphones.

4. Charge Your Headphones Properly

Charging and discharging your headphones constantly too often would decrease the battery life for sure. The common mistake is to charge the headphones when the battery level is still high. Most headphones come with a lithium battery that you better use until 20% before charging them. This way, you can maintain a healthy cycle of the battery that eventually extends its lifespan. Battery headphones usually enable you to check the battery level in your smartphone once they’re paired.

5. Keep The Proper Range when Using Headphones

Wireless headphones provide you with more flexibility in terms of range but you better don’t push them to the edge. It’s because the longer the distance, the more power consumed from your headphone battery.  You can maintain battery consumption by keeping a proper distance between the headphone and paired devices. Therefore, you can maximize the battery lifespan in the long term.

5. Maintain The Battery when Stored for A Long Time.

There might be times where you store your Bluetooth headphones for a while. At this point, you must maintain the battery to keep it at a healthy cycle. Don’t leave the headphones uncharged for months or they won’t stand the charge when put out from the storage. Instead, charge your battery every 2-3 months even when it’s stored. It allows you to preserve the life cycle of the battery and eventually improve its lifespan. When you need to use the headphone again, they will perform just as well as before you stored them.

By Maria Tsekova

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